2017-189: Abstract Mandala #2 – done

My painting progress for today:

[Select an image for a larger view]

Abstract Mandala #2 – Marigold with Blue

Final Update

Today is all about the highlights and the finishing touches. Taking out the white streaks made a huge difference (view MotD 186 to see what I mean), they were too distracting to me. Now the focus feels centered on all the action in the foreground.

In checking in with this painting to determine its name, the title “Merry Go Round” popped into my head. I like it. I can almost hear its music along with the joy and laughter of those who ride them. And with that I received this insight.

We often complain about going in circles and yet we forget that everything has a cycle. We honor this process best when we allow the cycles to complete their rounds; to then begin another cycle, and another and then another, and so on. All the while seeing it from the perspective of a gleeful child at an amusement park: life is meant to be a joy ride.

Read more about Abstract Mandala #2 via this week’s Mandala of the Week post.

About the Mandalas of the Day:

I post a variety of in-progress art for that day which can include mandalas from the Mandala of the Week, the Mandala of the Month, the Mandala of the Year, or the Mandala Meditation Stones.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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