2017-330: The Astrological Sign of Virgo – Day 4

Finished adding the warm yellows.

My coloring progress for today:

[Select an image for a larger view]

All the “m”s are now filled with warm yellow. Next step will be all the shading.

Looking at the full view image, you can compare the difference between the center “m”s which already have shading and all the other “m”s. The center ones have more depth and shape, while the other ones appear flat and dull.

Read about the “Sign of Virgo” via its Mandala of the Week blog post.

About the Mandalas of the Day:

I post a variety of in-progress art for that day which can include mandalas from the Mandala of the Week, the Mandala of the Month, the Mandala of the Year, or the Mandala Meditation Stones.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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