22-093 Humble

Today’s Mandala

“Believe in yourself!
Have faith in your abilities!
Without a humble
but reasonable confidence
in your own powers,
you cannot be successful or happy.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

“Master your craft,
be nice
stay humble.”

— Erick Morillo

“I feel like being true to yourself
is always going to keep you humble;
it’s always going to make you
remember who you are.”

—Lil Tjay

Today’s MotD encourages us to adopt an air of humility, which in this case means to be great at what we do while having the confidence and self assuredness to know it without needing to say it or requiring outside validation. Too often it’s assumed that in order to be humble we have to self deprecate, put ourselves down or put what we do down as ”nothing” or less important than what others are doing.

Strive for excellence, be confident in what we do and who we are, and embrace the idea of self-validation. At the same, recognize that others are great at what they do and who they are. We all play an important role, we’re all pieces of the human puzzle. One piece missing throws off the whole thing.

“A humble person is more concerned
about what is right than about being right,
about acting on good ideas
than having good ideas,
about embracing new truth
than defending outdated position,
about building the team
than exalting self,
about recognizing contribution,
than being recognized for making it.”

— Stephen M.R. Covey


The Mandala Lady

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