22-280 The Basics

Today’s Mandala
The Basics

“Somehow, we have gotten off track
from the basics of health and spirituality,
and we get in our own way.”

— Alice McCall

“When we appreciate how much we have,
we feel the urge to pare down,
get back to basics,
and learn what is essential
for our happiness.
We long to realize
what’s really important.”

— Sarah Ban Breathnach

“Long-term, we must begin
to build our internal strengths.
It isn’t just skills like computer technology.
It’s the old-fashioned basics of
self-reliance, self-motivation,
self-reinforcement, self-discipline,

— Steven Pressfield

Today’s MotD reminds us that when in doubt about anything, remove the clutter and get down to the basics. With our individual selves, the basics would be things like: being present in the moment, conscious breathing, checking in with ourselves (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc), asking ourselves: how are we feeling right now? what do we need in this moment? do we need to eat (move, drink some water, sleep, cry, laugh, etc), what absolutely has to happen right now? what can be put aside for now?

Our challenge becomes improving on our self-awareness such that we start recognizing sooner and sooner when we become frazzled, disconnected, and/or off kilter. And when we do, we are encouraged to quickly bring ourselves back to the basics by calming: our breath, our senses, our hearts, our mind, and our whole selves. Then from that centered space, we can more readily determine our next step.

“Everything in life
goes back to the basics.”

— Kron Gracie


The Mandala Lady

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