22-286 Lighthouse

Today’s Mandala

“I feel that we’re all lighthouses,
and my job is to shine my light
as brightly as I can to the darkness.”

— Jim Carrey

don’t go running all over an island
looking for boats to save;
they just stand there shining.”

— Anne Lamott

“Is the beam from a lighthouse
affected by howling wind and rain?
It remains perfectly steadfast
and unaffected by the storm.
Your true self is like that.
Nothing can ever harm you
once you are consciously aware
that it is so.”

— Vernon Howard

Today’s MotD inspires us to be like a lighthouse, be the light that shines through the darkness guiding others safely home. It also reminds us to seek our own inner lighthouse, our true self; it’s there for us, offering guiding along the way. Our challenge becomes focusing on the light amidst the darkness or the storm. Our best is to find moments in time to be still, to check in with ourselves, and then make any necessary course corrections.

When we make it through our own personal storm(s), we can light the way for others.

“The scars you share
become lighthouses for other people
who are headed
to the same rocks you hit.”

— Anonymous


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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