22-313 Expedition

Today’s Mandala

“On a harsh expedition,
there’s no space for anyone
who does not intend to finish.” 

— Tahir Shah

“There are not short cuts
to any place worth going.”

— Beverly Sills

“Adventure is not outside man;
it is within.”

— George Eliot

Today’s MotD encourages us to go on an expedition, an expedition to our heart, our soul…no equipment necessary. On the surface it seems like an easy journey however this journey requires digging deep within the mire of limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning, and all that blocks our way.

Our challenge becomes being willing to face (and conquer) the blocks so that we can arrive at the heart of what truly matters to us, and to bring it to the surface…as if it were a treasure chest full of gold, which it is.

Chances are we already know what we want but we keep getting in our way via self sabotage, self doubts, negative self talk, and the like. That’s where this expedition comes in. To start, determine the “gear” we need to make the journey (meditation, creative expression, journaling, therapy, walking, etc). Then set an intention about the journey, making an honest commitment to begin; schedule it if necessary.

In preparation, acknowledge that every form of fear is going to pop up along the way and accept that a full range of emotions will come forth…and that’s okay. Like the title of Susan Jeffers’ book states: “feel the fear and do it anyway”. In a nutshell, she notes that our greatest fear is that we won’t be able to handle whatever comes our way. Once we know that, we can adopt a mantra to help us through…”I can handle it”.

“Go on your own journey.
Don’t let others hold you back;
don’t hold them back.
Don’t judge their journey,
and don’t let them judge yours.
All persons are free
to have the experiences
their souls lead them to.” 

— Melody Beattie


The Mandala Lady

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