22-336 Wellspring

Today’s Mandala

“Our senses are indeed
our doors and windows on this world,
in a very real sense
the key to the unlocking of meaning
and the wellspring of creativity.”

— Jean Houston

“There is a wellspring of life within you
where you can go
for cleansing and transformation.”

— Deepak Chopra

“One of the most powerful wellsprings
of creative energy,
outstanding accomplishment,
and self-fulfillment seems to be
falling in love with something –
your dreams, your image of the future.”

— Ellis Paul Torrance

Today’s MotD reminds us that we have access to an infinite source of inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. We tend to think it has to come from the outside, but in reality it’s mostly an inner journey. Our challenge becomes believing it, trusting it, and allowing it to come forth.

David Fessell, MD on PsychologyToday.com offers tips on “How to Access Your Untapped Inner Resources”. His two key points:

  1. “With a bit of awareness and effort, your inner resources can be accessed and make a difference in your well-being.”
  2. “Access your deeper self, see long-term growth, and bring a compassionate perspective to enhance your well-being and happiness.”

“When we enter a forest phase in our lives
we enter a period of wandering
and a time of potential soul growth.
Here it is possible
to find what we have cut off from,
to “remember”
a once vital aspect of ourselves.
We may uncover
a wellspring of creativity
that has been hidden for decades.”

— Jean Shinoda Bolen


The Mandala Lady

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