23-142 The Prize #2

Today’s Mandala Message: Keep a Daily Focus Journal

This week I’m working through Principle #27 from Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” entitled “Keep Your Eye on the Prize”. I set my intention today to ponder the idea of keeping a daily focus journal as suggested by Canfield. “At the end of every day, simply identify five things that you accomplished during the day. … consider [the reason] why that accomplishment is important to you … identify how you can make further progress … Last, write down a specific action step that will lead to this progress.” He suggests doing this every evening.

I’ve been maintaining a “Today’s Wins” journal for a about six weeks which usually involves listing things I consider to be a win for the day. Canfield is suggesting it be taken a step further. I can see where noting the reason why it’s important and the further action that can be taken would be helpful and create a sense of continuity from one day to the next. I’ll give it a try starting tonight.

A good mindfulness practice would be to ask why an accomplishment was/is important.

So how about you? Do you ever consider why an accomplishment is important to you? What about identifying how you can make further progress? Does noting the next step to be taken seem helpful to you?

“Progress lies
not in enhancing what is,
but in advancing toward
what will be.”

— Khalil Gibran


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An Invitation

I invite you to color along with me this year as part of what I’m calling “The Year of Self-Exploration and Expansion” with all of my “Mandalas of the ___” (day, weekmonthyear). If you’re interested in more of a self-exploration approach to coloring, check out my “Coloring Mandalas as Meditation”. You can download this mandala at MandalaoftheWeek.com.


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