107 – Mimas Mandala

Mimas Mandala - NASA
Mimas Mandala – NASA

This fascinating moon, Mimas, orbits around Saturn. It’s also known as the “Death Star” moon to those who are aficionados of the “Star Wars” movies.

Herschel Crater is 80 miles, wide and covers most of the right of this image and gives us an idea of just how large (or rather how small) this moon is. The following image, from the October 2014 Smithsonian Magazine article, gives you some perspective of its size in relation to Saturn…

Saturn and Mimas
Saturn and Mimas

In looking at all the craters (mandalas) on Mimas, it makes you wonder how it managed to survive after taking such a beating. Reminds me of Elaine Stritch’s rendition of Sondheim’s “I’m still here!”

I’d like to think that Mimas reminds us to stick around regardless of what life throws at us…for that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…and we have the scars to prove it.

Happy Coloring!

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