239 – Blue Moon Halo Mandala

Halo Moon in the Arctic
A Blue Moon Halo over Antarctica Image Credit & Copyright: LI Hang

LI Hang photographed this amazingly complete halo surrounding the July 2015 blue moon over a power generator house near the Zhongshan Station in Antarctica. NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site showcased the image on August 11, 2015.

I love the sci-fi/futuristic/surrealistic look of this image, like a moon flashlight. And mandalas abound aplenty in this photo: the moon, the halo and all the snow flakes.

From their post, APOD states:

Such 22 degree rings around the Moon — caused by ice crystals falling in the Earth’s atmosphere — are somewhat rare. … Given the modern definition of blue moon — the second full moon occurring in a calendar month — these are also rare. What is featured above might therefore be considered doubly rare — a halo surrounding a blue moon.

Next time it’s snowing, I’ll take the time to experience the millions of crystal mandalas that magically fall to this earth from the heavens above.

Happy Coloring!

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