342 – Jasper Cocoon Pendant Mandala

Jasper Cocoon Pendant
Jasper Cocoon Pendant

Today I showcase a local artist and friend out of Alpine, Oregon. Jewelry artisan, Jan O’Banion, of Jan E O Jewelry, forged this powerful jasper and German silver pendant loaded with mandala-like shapes. I love the vibrant red of the jasper seeming to be protected within the dramatic silver cocoon.

For me, this piece gives us a glimpse of what our hearts want us to see about ourselves: we’re passionate, we’re strong, and we’re alive and well…just as we are in this moment. And that it’s okay to let it be seen once in a while. This piece would be so powerful to wear.

About the piece she states:

Forged fold form pendant made of German silver has a jasper bead dangling inside.  The bead is hanging from a copper head pin and it will move as you move.  The pendant is made by heating and hammering flat sheet metal until it folds in upon itself.  This piece looks very organic much like a barnacle or snail shell.

Her pendant reminds us the value of going deep to find our true treasure within.

Happy Coloring!

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  1. I love this piece, it is gorgeous! I agree, it does invite us to look deeper – to go beyond the shallow, superficial layers to actually take the time to see what lies beneath!! cheers, debi


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