2016-041 – Sunrise Mandala

Sunrise by Leanne Kitteridge
Sunrise by Leanne Kitteridge

This week’s MotD theme: Here Comes the Sun

Yoga instructor, Leanne Kitteridge, captured this gorgeous photo of the sunrise at Mt. Fuji, Japan. In her blog post entitled, How do You Climb a Mountain, she equates her 1992 hike up Mt. Fuji, to her recent quest for teaching certification in Anusara® yoga.

While two completely different ventures, they both had something in common: they both required the same approach: one step at a time.

About her climb she kept in mind this powerful thought:

One foot after the other- one step at a time. Don’t go so fast you burn out from the elevation, don’t go so slow you get cold and cramp up- one step at a time.

In her photo, I love how the bright golden light of the sun sends out this beautiful coppering-colored warmth throughout the area. And even though it appears to be the smallest thing in the photo, it illuminates everything.

Inspiration for Today

Leanne’s photo and her two quests beautifully remind us that in all of our endeavors, it serves us best to embark on them, one step at a time. A good daily practice could be to address a particular task or quest and ask it: what one thing can I do today to move this project forward by one step?

Happy Coloring!

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