2016-282 – Bishop’s Eye Mandala

Lincoln Cathedral Bishop's Eye - photo by TTaylor
Lincoln Cathedral Bishop’s Eye – photo by TTaylor

This week’s MotD theme: Rose Windows

From TTaylor‘s wikipedia post, we have today’s MotD called “Bishop’s Eye” located on the south side of the Lincoln Cathedral or as it is also called, the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, and sometimes St. Mary’s Cathedral, located in Lincoln, England.

I find it fascinating how rather than the typical center circle with sections all around (like a sliced pie), this design encircles two detailed leaf-like patterns standing upright, side by side.

From Wikipedia about Lincoln’s rose windows it states:

Lincoln Cathedral features two major rose windows, which are a highly uncommon feature among medieval architecture in England. On the north side of the cathedral there is the “Dean’s Eye” which survives from the original structure of the building and on the south side there is the “Bishop’s Eye” which was most likely rebuilt circa 1325–1350. This south window is one of the largest examples of curvilinear tracery seen in medieval architecture

About their meaning:

A contemporary record, “The Metrical Life of St Hugh”, refers to the meaning of these two windows (one on the dark, north, side and the other on the light, south, side of the building):

“For north represents the devil, and south the Holy Spirit and it is in these directions that the two eyes look. The bishop faces the south in order to invite in and the dean the north in order to shun; the one takes care to be saved, the other takes care not to perish. With these Eyes the cathedral’s face is on watch for the candelabra of Heaven and the darkness of Lethe (oblivion).”

Outside view of Lincoln Cathedral rose window - photo by Richard Croft
Outside view of Lincoln Cathedral rose window
photo by Richard Croft

View more of TTaylor’s contributions to Wikipedia.

Inspiration for Today

In looking at the whole heaven and hell thing, we can see it as how we exist in our day to day lives. It’s all about perspective. We think it happens from the outside, when in reality it’s a reflection of our inner world and our reaction to it. See the bad, experience the bad. See the joy, experience the joy.

Happy Coloring!

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