22-008 Water Drops

Today’s Mandala:
Water Drops

In one drop of water are found
all the secrets of all the oceans;
in one aspect of You are found
all the all the aspects of being.
– Khalil Gibran

With just a little drop of kindness
you can water a whole garden.
– Heather Wolf

I alone cannot change the world
but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

This one was extra fun to make especially for the illusion it created. It went from _being_ flat to _looking_ three-dimensional…and it only required using a black and white pen to make it.

At its most basic definition, mandala means circle. Circles (and in this case, water drops) are whole and complete in and of itself, without end or beginning. In essence, that is what we are as well: whole and complete just as we are. While we may have limited time in human form, our consciousness remains infinite.

Some observations about water drops:

  • when ”dropped” onto a firm surface, they form circles
  • when individual drops come together, they form one bigger ”drop” (circle)
  • when enough of them come together they become a singular body of water (pond, stream, river, lake, sea, ocean, etc.)
  • when water drops into a body of water, it creates a ripple; it makes its presence known before becoming part of the whole
  • it’s a curiosity (at least to me) that while individual drops become undetectable (lose their individualness) within larger collections of water, the whole would cease to exist without the individuals

This leads me to realize:

  • the importance of finding balance between actualizing our individuality while allowing ourselves to become part of something far greater than ourselves;
  • that whatever actions we take (big or small) ripple outward…for better or for worse; so, let’s chose our actions wisely;
  • we are exponentially more powerful when we work together than when we work apart.


The Mandala Lady

btw…I created the drops in the style demonstrated here: https://youtu.be/_V4pJengwok

btw 2…here’s how it started…


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