22-192 Doorway

Today’s Mandala

“No pessimist ever discovered
the secret of the stars,
or sailed to an uncharted land,
or opened a new doorway
for the human spirit.”

— Helen Keller

“You must not for one instant
give up the effort to build
new lives for yourselves.
Creativity means to push open
the heavy, groaning doorway to life.”

— Daisaku Ikeda

“In oneself lies the whole world and
if you know how to look and learn,
the door is there and
the key is in your hand.
Nobody on earth can give you
either the key or the door to open,
except yourself.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti

Today’s MotD asks us to consider the doorways (options, opportunities) we have yet to enter due to fear, uncertainty, and/or indecisiveness. It can feel like we’re standing in a small room with a wall full of closed doors trying to figure out which one is the best one to enter.

What if we don’t like the one we chose? What if it turns out to be a big mistake? What if it’s ”not the right one”? OR…what if we _do_ like it? What if it’s the best thing we’ve ever done? What if it’s the right one? As long as we just stand there without choosing, we’ll never know…worse, we’ll be stuck there going nowhere.

Here’s the thing…the paths through these doorways are all intertwined with each other in some way. They will all get us where we need to go either directly or indirectly. If we don’t like the one we’ve chosen, we can usually go back and choose another one. Or more than likely some other option will make itself known to us that we wouldn’t have known about had we not gone through that particular door in the first place. Either way, we’ve learned something and have a clearer understanding of what it is we truly want.

So it comes down to this: Do we want to stand in front of these doorways hemming and hawing about which one to choose? Or are we willing, with an open mind, to just choose one and let it lead us where it may…knowing that as we go through more doorways, more will appear?


The Mandala Lady

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