Anemone by Carrie Tasman

338 – Anemone Mandala

Can you see all the mandalas in this delightful painting?!?! Even the sheer curtains have little mandalas on them. I’m thrilled to showcase another amazing Willamette Valley (local) artist, Carrie Tasman and her piece entitled Anemone. I love her art and her use of bold, bright colors…the joy and whimsey that radiate from them, make my heart sing!

Jackfruit Mandala

55 – Jackfruit Mandala

Up until February 7, 2015, I had yet to experience jackfruit. While participating in the Conscious Life Expo, in L.A. that fateful day, one of the food vendors offered vegetarian food. I was about to pass on them because I have trouble digesting tofu…thinking that that was the main ingredient for their Indian dish. Wrong! They use jackfruit. After a little bit of hesitancy, I opted to try it. Wow! Loved it!