Trick or Treat by Kitchen Table Scraps

304 – Trick or Treat Mandala

You can view today’s MotD as a trick of the “eye” or a feast for the palate. For me it’s a treat for my mandala soul. I love the shapes, the colors, and definitely the creative imagination of Kitchen Table Scraps, the fabulous makers of this Creepy Coconut Kiwi Panna Cotta (recipe included!).

Prawn Noodle Mandala

170 – Prawn Kimchi Noodle Mandala

I love the multiple representations of symmetrical and asymmetrical mandalas (food and plates) and spirals (prawns), all presented in a simple, elegant, asymmetrical way over an abstract background. While being a potential feast for the taste buds, it starts out as a feast for the eyes.

Jackfruit Mandala

55 – Jackfruit Mandala

Up until February 7, 2015, I had yet to experience jackfruit. While participating in the Conscious Life Expo, in L.A. that fateful day, one of the food vendors offered vegetarian food. I was about to pass on them because I have trouble digesting tofu…thinking that that was the main ingredient for their Indian dish. Wrong! They use jackfruit. After a little bit of hesitancy, I opted to try it. Wow! Loved it!