22-242 Steadfast

Today’s Mandala

“Doubts and mistrust
are the mere panic
of timid imagination,
which the steadfast heart will conquer,
and the large mind transcend.”

— Helen Keller

“Dreams are there to be realized,
not to be dreamed.
To realize a dream,
you have to stay steadfast
in your strong will.”

— Gackt

“What can people not accomplish
if they will but master
the secret of steadfast perseverance.”

— Alice Hegan Rice

Today’s MotD encourages us to keep our eyes on the prize: our dreams, our goals, our vision. Even though we may “fall down”, “fall back”, slow down, or stall out, that’s when we re-center, re-group, and re-connect with our vision.

Our challenge becomes holding true to that vision, even it means making some modifications as we move along. We are encouraged to watch for and follow the clues that help steer the direction or that confirm our all-systems-go vision.

For instance if we want to write a book and then someone out-of-the-blue says, “you should write a book about that”: that’s a clue. If we want to offer classes and someone just happens to call asking if we offer classes: that’s a clue. If we want to be a motivational speaker but are unsure of ourselves and we just happen to see an online class offering on how to speak confidently in front of an audience that starts in two weeks: that’s a clue.

When we have a true vision of what we’re wanting to create, we are encouraged to remain steadfast while being aware and open to the clues that guide us along the way.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and angled completed view:


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