22-298 Germination

Today’s Mandala

“Patience is not
simply the ability to wait –
it’s how we behave
while we’re waiting.”

— Joyce Meyer

“Have patience with all things,
But, first of all with yourself.”

— St. Francis de Sales

“Adopt the pace of nature:
her secret is patience.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s MotD reminds us to be patience during times when it seems like nothing is happening. Just as it takes time for a planted seed to germinate (break down and come up through the soil), so too it takes time for our desires to come to fruition. Often times more goes on behind the scenes, people and/or things being put into place in order to bring about our desired outcome.

Our challenge becomes keeping hope alive. Even if it seems like it’s not happening, act as if it is already coming. Are we prepared? Are we ready for when the opportunity presents itself? What can we be doing, regardless of how small, to be prepared? When in doubt, we can always spend some time (5 mins even) to visualize receiving or experiencing what we desire. When we’ve done all that we can, allow the “seed” to do its job. And when it’s ready, it will appear.

“A seed knows how to wait…
a seed is alive while it waits.”

— Hope Jahren


The Mandala Lady

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