23-128 Be Selective #2

Today’s Mandala Message: Be Around Positive People

This week I’m working through Principle #25 from Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” entitled “Drop Out of the ‘Ain’t It Awful’ Club…And Surround Yourself With Successful People”. I set my intention today to ponder the idea of hanging out with positive people. This one made me think about the different people in my life and how I feel when I’m around them. Some of them are a delight to be with and others … well.

One thing I do notice is that I could be hanging out with more successful people and I admit it intimidates me a bit to do so and yet I know they be a motivating force behind what I want to be and do. And I certainly welcome hanging out with more positive people…I always feel better when I’m around them and they inspire me to be better and to do better.

It also made me think about how I am…Am I a positive person to be around? Do I support others? Do I encourage other people and help them to bring out their best? All important qualities, for sure. I’ll start paying attention to this more.

So how about you? Do you hang out with positive people? Are the people you regularly hang out with, positive and supportive? Are you a positive, supportive person for others?

“Surround yourself
with positive people
who believe in your dreams,
encourage your ideas,
support your ambitions,
and bring out the best in you.”

— Roy Bennett


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An Invitation

I invite you to color along with me this year as part of what I’m calling “The Year of Self-Exploration and Expansion” with all of my “Mandalas of the ___” (day, weekmonthyear). If you’re interested in more of a self-exploration approach to coloring, check out my “Coloring Mandalas as Meditation”. You can download this mandala at MandalaoftheWeek.com.


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