Life Guard Towers by Shannon Weber

361 – Natural Mixed Media Mandala

Cottage Grove mixed media artist, Shannon Weber, created these amazing art pieces from pieces of Mother Nature entitled “Life Guard Towers.” She used beaver sticks, knotless knitting, wax linen on found beach glass, and kelp bulbs: carved, stitched and woven. I love how her very creative imagination could take all of these individual pieces and put them all together in such delightful ways.

Leaves & Stones Mandala by Dietmar Voorwold

99 – Leaves & Stones Mandala

When I see images of nature-inspired mandalas, it takes my breath away. The little kid voice in me says “I wanna do that!”

And that was my reaction yet again when I found today’s MotD from photographer & land artist, Dietmar Voorwold, and his remarkable land art creations. My biggest challenge was figuring out which of his pieces to showcase…they all are spectacular.