302 – Purple Pansy Mandala

Purple Pansy by Laura Walthers
Purple Pansy by Laura Walthers

This spectacular Purple Pansy comes to us today from an amazing author, photographer, and Elf, Laura Walthers, of Being Enchanted. I’m thrilled and honored to say I know her and love her beautiful work with the amazing beings in nature.

About this photo she states:

Here is a little burst of beautiful color from the flower devas. They work diligently to hold the space of exquisite beauty in our natural environment. There is a cluster of flower faeries on the petal to the left of the flower in foreground. Can you see them?

For me, I’m drawn to the flower in the foreground. The colors and vibrancy of this flower just makes my heart sing. It’s delightful. When asked about how to choose colors for coloring, I say look to Mother Nature…she’s actually quite good at putting colors together that work.

About Laura story:

…in 2003 she captured a photograph of an ‘enchanted tree’ on one of her nature walks with her husband and daughter in Washington state. It revealed dozens of images of REAL faeries, gnomes,elves, and other nature beings. This experience opened a deeper connection with nature and then they began to communicate with her!

I love hanging out with Laura. Her sense of wonder, enchantment and connection to nature inspire me to open my eyes more clearly to see beyond what I “think” I see.

As you spend time out in nature, take an extra moment for a double take…what do you really see?

Happy Coloring!

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